Little Stars Learning Center

Little Stars Learning Center strives to provide the best childcare available in the North Georgia community.   We offer a safe, clean environment that meets and exceeds the states requirements for childcare facilities.  Our small class sizes allows us to give the individual attention needed to help each child succeed.  Click on the following link to view our new video Little Stars Learning Center.

Clean Child Care at Little Stars Learning Center

At Little Stars Learning Center in Dahlonega, we know how important it is to you that your child is well cared for and in a manner that you would appreciate in your own home. Aside from providing the caring and loving teaching setting you desire, Little Stars, providing child care in Dahlonega, also recognizes the importance of a clean environment. At all times, but especially during flu season, one child’s cold can quickly be passed on until each child and care provider is infected. At Little Stars we take cleanliness very seriously, and in an effort to keep germ related illnesses at a minimum, we adhere to strict guidelines.

Most experts agree that the single most effective tool in preventing the spread of germs in a childcare environment is washing hands. Employees are required and children are encouraged to wash their hands many times daily at the hand washing stations provided. A child’s hands should be washed any time they are visibly dirty, before and after meals, and after the toilet or potty training chair is used.

An adequate supply of diapers must be available for each baby or toddler and the child’s diaper and/ or clothing is changed when wet or soiled. Diaper changing areas are made of smooth nonporous materials and are sanitized and disinfected following each diaper change.

Toys are probably responsible for distributing the largest number of germs in a childcare center. Little children are notorious for putting everything in their mouths as they explore their world. A toy that is given to an infant should remain with that infant and never shared without being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All toys should be cleaned with soap and water when they appear dirty. In order to kill germs and disinfect plastic toys, they may be placed in a dishwasher on a hot setting. For toys that cannot be placed in a dishwasher or clothes washer for cleaning, a solution of bleach and water should be used to eliminate germs.

At Little Stars Learning Center, we strive to provide the best possible care for your child by providing a warm, nurturing environment. And at the same time maintaining a hygienic setting in which your child will learn and grow. Enroll your child today, and feel secure that you are making a healthy step toward your child’s future.