Choosing The Right Child Care Center

Many parents are faced with the challenge of finding the right daycare for their child. It is normal for parents to have tons a questions answered before making such an important decision. Most importantly is “Will my child be safe and in good hands?“ Is the one teaching my child certified? Does the facility have someone on staff at all times who knows CPR and other safety procedures? Is my child going to be fed junk food all day? There are so many things to take in to consideration when leaving your child in the hands of someone else. At Little Stars, we have taken drastic measures to ensure the safety of each child and give offer peace of mind for the children and the parents.

Education is a major concern for small children from 6 weeks of age through preschool. Teachers who love to educate young kids are key to helping them learn correctly. Curriculum is created to help the little ones develop properly and at their own pace. Kids will enjoy learning as they are playing and doing daily activities. Some preschools and daycares have up to 30 children at a time. It is better when class sizes are kept to smaller numbers, because individual attention and care can be given to each child.

Meals that are provided to the enrolled children for lunch and snacks should be healthy and homemade. Frozen and packaged foods are unhealthy and bad for ones health and growth. Things like homemade macaroni, soup, biscuits, and french fries are much better for kids than packaged biscuits and frozen vegetables. A healthy diet is important when choosing a daycare for your child, so that you are aware what he/she is being fed on a daily basis.

Safety is another area to discuss. Most centers have locked doors with security codes that children do not know. Safety standards have to be met, as well. This means that teachers know CPR and correct first aid procedures. They also pass a background check and are drug tested regularly. All employees usually have continual training for up-to-date education, and on other topics, like fire safety and evacuation methods.

While researching daycare programs, see if they offer Summer camps and after-school programs as well. School age children may attend after-school while some parents have to work later into the afternoon. The teachers can help with children with their homework while offering a healthy snacks as well. Weather permitting, the kids also get to play outside on a safe playground or play games inside on rainy days. During the Summer, field trips and activities are scheduled to make sure children have a fun time while at daycare! For more information on a reputable Dahlonega Daycare, visit