Private Pre-K

Accelerated Pre-K

Little Stars Academy is very proud to present an Accelerated Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program. This innovative class offers a more advanced learning approach & faster paced Pre-K curriculum that will venture into Kindergarten curriculum. Our Accelerated Pre-K class can provide your child with a more challenging, well rounded education. The small class size enables more one-on-one instruction, flexibility, and creativity.

Our Accelerated Pre-K includes the excitement of:

  • Abeka  This Christian School Curriculum focuses on strong academics taught from a biblical perspective.
  • MyFather’s World Kindergarten Curriculum: This award winning curriculum focuses on strong academics and character development with a hands-on learning approach.
  • Reading: A phonics based program that blends classical education with a Charlotte Mason philosophy including word families and site words.
  • Math: Concepts such as number recognition, quantity, measurements, shapes, time, money, simple addition and subtraction.
  • Handwriting: Pre-writing and writing skills to include: cutting, tracing, writing letters and numbers in sand, tracing sand paper letters and writing their name.
  • Science, Social Studies, Health & Safety: Science experiments, nature walks, cooking, World History, American History, patriotism, and mystery guests.
  • Music: Our certified music instructors visit the classroom once per week and introduce the children to music appreciation as well as music expression through the use of a variety of instruments, musical styles, singing, & rhythm/dance.
  • Art: Art expression through projects as well as art appreciation.
  • Spanish: Classes offered twice a week. Curriculum includes words, phrases, Spanish bingo, various games, songs, and activities that are designed to teach and expose our children to the excitement of speaking a new language.

Offering your child our Accelerated Pre-Kindergarten program can enhance your child academically and socially to give him or her that extra advantage as they continue their education and enter Elementary school.

Monday through Friday…………..8:30 AM-3:00 PM
Extended care is included in your Pre-K tuition.